Quick Measures or Quick Fix – are Power BI’s Quick Measures up to the mark?

Hey Excel users, anyone remember this?  Yes, it’s the now defunct “Lookup Wizard” which, according the MSDN Library entry of January 1996, “…helps Excel users create lookup formulas quickly. Even expert users will find the Wizard’s lookup formulas useful in advanced spreadsheet and application development projects” Well, this was obviously not the case or else this “useful” wizard would still be with us today.  What “expert” Excel user can’t construct a simple Vlookup or even use the fiddly Index/Match combo? So, it’s with the same sense of foreboding that I’ve been working through the Quick Measures supplied by the recent releases of Power BI Desktop. 

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Theme Colours in Power BI

The March update to Power BI has added a host of new features, take a look here to see them all. One preview feature we've been waiting for is the ability to use "Theme Colours", packages of colour themes for charts and graphs. So new we can customise our Dashboards and Reports to use corporate colours, highlight particular data sets, or just get some differentiation by using some funky colours.

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Top Five Reasons to persuade your Boss to implement Power BI.

We love Power BI, and have run many courses in it. The cloud-based data analytics tool speaks to our inner data geek. I can manipulate large amounts of data, and produce informative and compelling dashboards and reports, then share them with my colleagues, easily quickly and without having to be a programmer or “Power User”. Our course attendees love Power BI too, but some of them have said that they need to convince their Boss to implement it. So, if you’re thinking about using Power BI service, if you’re worried about dipping your toe into the Data Analytics pool, if you need to convince your Boss, MD or FD to let you implement Power BI, here’s my top five reasons to use Power BI.

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