Webex Poisoning ?

Dilbert got there first.

In this wonderful strip from August 2000, Scott Adams encapsulated all that is wrong with corporate PowerPoint presentations.

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IT Training, It's all too difficult

I can’t remember when in my training career this fact occurred to me but when it did, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before!  It’s this (and I think it should be tattoo'ed over every Trainers heart)

If people require training, they will have little or no knowledge of the topics covered in the training course.  They will be meeting these topics for the first time. 

Why then, make a training course too difficult for them?

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IT Training Courses - Too Much Content Means Not Enough Learning

What's one of my biggest frustrations when I see computer training course outlines? There's just too much content to cover in a single day's training!

A course outline, as published by a Training Provider, sets out the subjects to be covered on a particular course and is essentially a marketing document aimed at selling the course.  This tends to outweigh its value as an assessment of learning outcomes. 

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