Why the Excel Vlookup Function is “So Last Year”.

If you don’t want to suffer from premature ageing, the most important thing is to move with the times and not get set in your ways. This might be a traumatic thought for Excel users who have been so attached to the Vlookup Function for the past 20 years that giving it up might be like losing a beloved relative.

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Power BI preview

Last week Microsoft made several important announcements about Power BI, you can read the whole thing on the Microsoft Official Blog I've taken a look at what this means for those of us in the UK working with Power BI. It's always interesting working with the latest version of Microsoft's new tools, but sometimes you have to tread a little carefully.

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Excel Power Pivot - Just how big is BIG ?

As I started working with PowerPivot and Power BI I was aware that it allowed large amounts of data to be manipulated by Excel, but just how large? and how does it do that ? Just how big was the "Big Data" being talked about. I spent a little while digging to find the answers.

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