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Theme Colours in Power BI

The March update to Power BI has added a host of new features, take a look here to see them all. One preview feature we've been waiting for is the ability to use "Theme Colours", packages of colour themes for charts and graphs. So new we can customise our Dashboards and Reports to use corporate colours, highlight particular data sets, or just get some differentiation by using some funky colours.

One slight downside to this is that the themes are designed by editing a JSON file which contains the colour values in hex, and loading that as a Theme. Not particularly user-friendly.

But there are a number of websites that have popped up offering user-friendly generation of the JSON file needed for a Power BI colour theme. One of the nicest I've found is at:-


It's a good way to create colour themes to use with this new feature.

Loading and changing Colour Themes is a Preview feature in Power BI, so to view it you need to turn on the Preview feature in Options. If you need more help with Power BI take a look at our Power BI Service Training course, we run open courses in London or on-site courses if you want to train several people.

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