CPRE Case Study

CPRE (The Campaign to Protect Rural England) is a registered charity with over 60,000 members and supporters. Formed in 1926 to limit urban sprawl and ribbon development, CPRE’s aim is to influence public policy relating to town and country planning in England, their most notably achievements being in the formation of the National Parks, green belts and joining the 10:10 project in 2010 in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint.

Having already upgraded to Windows 7 earlier in the year, in May 2012 CPRE were planning their rollout of Microsoft Office 2010 to approximately 50 users at their London headquarters and regional staff.  Their IT managers could see that providing good upgrade training would bring the benefit of a much swifter and easier transition from Office 2003 where their users would be happy at the change and less frustrated in using the new software.

They approached a number of training companies, including Burningsuit Ltd, as possible contenders to deliver the Office 2010 Upgrade courses.  In the past, their users had not been satisfied with the training they had received from their existing training providers. Therefore CPRE were looking for a training company that could turn opinion around and deliver a professional, high quality training service that met their specific needs. 

What CPRE particularly liked about dealing with Burningsuit Ltd, was the ability to discuss in detail their needs and requirements with the trainers who would be delivering the training. This, coupled with Burningsuit’s proven track record of delivering expert upgrade training using highly professional trainers made CPRE decide to go with Burningsuit.  CPRE were keen to give each of their users a full day’s training covering generic new features such as The Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and Contextual tabs as well as looking at the new features in each of the Office 2010 applications.

During September 2012, Burningsuit delivered four days of Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrade at CPRE’s London headquarters.  The training was delivered to groups of 12 using laptops provided by CPRE.  There was always very positive feedback from the course attendees.  Following this successful outcome, CPRE have expressed that they would like to continue to use Burningsuit as their Microsoft Office training provider.

“On behalf of all CPRE staff, we really liked and appreciated every moment of the training Burningsuit provided. It was very well presented, well explained, questions answered, they all found it really helpful and useful and a good starting platform to jump to Office 2010.  I gathered from the conversations I had with the staff, they really liked  Alison’s training delivery.

 “The upgrade to Office 2010 has now been completed successfully and our users started working seamlessly thanks to the training. It is a great advantage doing the training three days in a row, followed by system upgrade so that the transition occurred with less surprises.

Thank you very much.

Noureddine Alikhoudja, I.T. Department, CPRE