Case Study - Doughty Hanson & Co

Doughty Hanson is one of the longest established private equity groups in Europe. Since its inception in 1985 it has generated strong and consistent returns across its fund programmes in mid-market buyouts, opportunistic real estate and technology venture capital. With over 50 investment professionals, the group is headquartered in London and has offices in Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris and Stockholm.

In the initial months of 2011, Doughty Hanson & Co were upgrading from Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Therefore there was a requirement to bring their 124 members of staff to a level of competence in using the new Office 2010 interface.  As Doughty Hanson considered their users to have appropriate skills in the applications they use, the focus of any training was to cover only the changes in the interface of Office 2010. 

Doughty Hanson first approached Burningsuit Ltd as a potential training provider via Burningsuit’s website.  After an initial consultation and a further meeting with Stuart and Alison Box from Burningsuit Ltd to discuss Burningsuit’s proposal, Doughty Hanson were sufficiently confident that Burningsuit were the training company that could deliver customised and specialised training to their users, many of whom are “high flyers” in the banking and investment world.

Burningsuit ran two initial pilot sessions after which further customisation to the course were made.  The roll-out to Office 2010 then started and the upgrade training was conducted over twenty half-day “Office 2010 Awareness” sessions to groups of six delegates at a time.  The training took place on laptops provided by Burningsuit Ltd in one of Doughty Hanson’s meeting rooms at their Pall Mall offices.  A number of “Drop-In” sessions were also provided by Burningsuit to support users in the upgrade process.

“Burningsuit offered Doughty Hanson the ability to tailor the awareness we needed for all our employees.  By taking this approach Doughty Hanson was able to get the maximum benefit out of all the sessions.  The one-to-one drop in sessions allowed individual employees to draw on the knowledge of Burningsuit to alleviate concerns of the new interface and increase their productivity. The results showed what we already knew; everyone thought the sessions were good and I still speak with people who say what good awareness sessions they were.” 

Nigel Ling – Head IT