Microsoft Access Training

For simple small personal databases, nothing beats Microsoft Access. It can be used to build small applications, and provide multi-user access. Access can be used to collect, manage, query and analyse data in many ways. Many organisations have "legacy" databases built in Access that they need to maintain and manage and these couses can help with that.

We have a total of five Access courses available, starting at the very basics, and going on to the powerful database functions. The Queries course focusses on extracting data from Access for analysis. whilst the Intensive course if perfect for getting up to speed with Access quickly

Access Level 1

Our entry level two day course, assumes no knowledge of Access at all. Ideal for people with no experience or who want to start at the very beginning

Access Level 2

A two-day course for thoses who may already have some knowledge of Access but want to learn more. Especially suitable for those who may be self-taught. 

Access Level 3

For competant Access users, level three moves on to the advanced aspects of query and form design., 

Access Queries

If you want to use Microsoft Access as your database query tool, linking into external databases and extracting data to analyse, this is the course for you.

Access Intensive

An intensive, 3-day course covering all aspects of Access, if you need to get to grips with all of Microsoft Access quickly, this is the course.

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