Microsoft Excel Training

Probably the most common office application, Microsoft Excel has a clear field with virtually no competitors.  Whenever we want to add up two numbers, create a list, manage a project, analyse finances or any business data, we reach for a copy of Excel. Consequently skills in Excel are very important in business. Being able to confidently use Excel is a portable skill that will help staff no matter where they work in the business.

We have four levels of Excel course available, starting at the very basics, and going on to the more powerful but misunderstood functions. Of course we also have PowerPivot and Power BI courses, which build on Excel knowledge into a vastly powerful analysis and business intelligence engine.

Excel Level 1

Our entry level course, assumes no knowledge of Excel at all. Ideal for people with no experience or who want to start at the very beginning

Excel Level 2

Our most popular course! Great for people who may already have some knowledge of Excel but want to learn more. Especially suitable for those who may be self-taught. The course covers the basics of Excel, formulas and functions, establishes good base level knowledge and encourages good Excel habits.

Excel Level 3

Level three moves on to more powerful functions, we'll look at "nested" functions, which are a key to getting real power out of Excel, along with Vlookup and PivotTables

Excel Level 4

For the experienced Excel user who needs to get more out of it. Level 4 works with advanced PivotTables and a plethora of useful tips and tricks.

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