Microsoft Office 365 User Training

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Duration: 1 day

Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite which offers access to a suite of business applications including Office Web Apps,  SharePoint Online and Skype for Business. Depending on the subscription, you will also have Microsoft Office applications, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access which are all integrated with the Office 365 Cloud.
When you first upgrade to Office 365 you may be both frustrated and confused, where do you store your documents? How do you access the new software, and what new facilities do they offer? This course will allay your fears and resolve your frustration with using the new cloud based systems. In this course as well as understanding the user interface you will learn about the new features that will greatly increase your productivity and efficiency. To get the best from this course you should be a reasonably competent user of Microsoft Office. Please note the applications included in Office 365 are dependent upon the type of subscription held by the organisation.

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Microsoft Office 365 course content

Download a PDF course outline using the "Download Course Outline" link on the right.

Introduction to "The Cloud"

  • Identify and outline the component products of Office 365 including Outlook, Office Web Apps, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business
  • Navigating around Office 365
  • Updating your Profile in Office 365

Using the Outlook Web App

  • Working with email and folders
  • Outlook Contacts and IM Contacts
  • Using the Calendar
  • Shared Calendars
  • Outlook Tasks in the Web App
  • Setting Outlook options, signatures, automatic replies and rules

Using Skype for Business

  • Set your own and see others availability throughout Microsoft Office with Presence
  • Working with Contacts in Skype for Business
  • Communicate with a Contact through instant messages, calls and videos
  • Share a program, desktop screen, PowerPoint presentation or document with Contacts.
  • Creating group meetings instantly and proactively 

Using SharePoint to find and share documents

  • Using OneDrive For Business
  • Navigating a Team Site
  • View files within Outlook or Windows
  • Collaborate on Documents
  • Searching within a SharePoint Site

Using the Office Web Apps

  • Introduction to Office Web Apps
  • Creating and editing documents in the cloud
  • Sharing documents and collaborating with others
  • Integration with Onedrive and SharePoint Online

Microsoft Office and Office 365

  • Integration of the full Office applications with Office 365
  • Creating and editing documents in the cloud

An introduction to the new features of Office

  • The Ribbon, and contextual Tabs
  • Use the new Open and Save As commands
  • Manage "Places" when saving - Office 365 & SharePoint
  • Working with document Versions
  • Find files you've recently opened
  • Manage file sharing and compatibility issues
  • Find how the printing options have been re-organised

We specialise on on-site training and can come to you to run our course on your PC's. If you want specific training for your staff,we are happy to customise this course to your requirements, adding or removing topics as necessary

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