Microsoft Word Training

Who doesn't know how to use Word? - Well although most of us can "get by" in Word, if you need to produce manuals, technical documents, or complex business reports, you may find that there's more to Word than meets the eye. 

Our four levels of Word training cover the basics through to the powerful and complex. If your team need to know how to really make Word sing, talk to us! 

Word Level 1

Our entry level course, assumes no knowledge of Word at all. Ideal for people with no experience or who want to start at the very beginning

Word Level 2

Great for people who may already have some knowledge of Word but want to learn more. Especially suitable for those who may be self-taught. The course covers the basics of Word, page layout, paragraph numbering and working with Images. It establishes good basel level knowledge and encourages good Word habits.

Word Level 3

Level three moves on to more powerful functions, we'll look at using Word Styles, running MailMerge and much more, including a log look at Multi-Level Numbering, a real Word speciality!

Word Level 4

For the experienced Word user who needs to get more out of it. Level 4 works with citations, biblographies, advanced Styles, themes and Table Styles. 

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