Microsoft Office 365 Training

Mocrosoft Office 365 is bringing about a quiet revolution in the way businesses us software and IT systems. "Cloud Based" Office 365 can manage the main functions of business, email, data storage and applications provision/

We have four training courses in Office 365 topics, although we can always provide custom training if you have a pecific requirement

Office 365

Especially useful when first moving to Office 365 This course introiduces all the companents of Office 365, and how they all interact. 


A mis-understood system. Sharepoint can be very powerful, but most people don't know what it can do! This course begins to explore SharePoint from and end-user prespective, using it to store and manipulare office files and data..

Skype for Business

The "Unified Communications" software. "S4B" builds on the well-known telecoms tool Skype, but again can do much more. 

Office 2016 Upgrade

Office 365 users always have the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite, but what are the changes from the older versions? This course will show people whay new features have come into Office, and make them aware of all the new tools and techniques released in the latest versions

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