Microsoft PowerPoint  - Level 2Download Course Outline

This is the basic outline of our Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2 course. Duration: 1 day

This course will show you how to master the more challenging aspects of PowerPoint. Learn how to use the Slide Master and SmartArt more effectively to get your presentation together quickly and efficiently. We’ll also show you how to use advanced animation techniques, including video and audio, so your presentations will look more professional and have more impact for your audience.

We specialise on on-site training and can come to you to run our course either on your PC's or provide our own high specification equipment. If you want specific training for your staff, we are happy to customise this course to your requirements, adding or removing topics as necessary.

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Microsoft PowerPoint  - Level 2 course content.

Download a PDF course outline using the "Download Course Outline" link on the right.

Review Basic Skills

  • Create a simple PowerPoint presentation using different slide layouts.
  • Work with objects on a slide.

Advanced Use of Slide Masters

  • Correctly set up the Slide Master so that all your slides have a consistent background and text formatting.

  • Use the Slide Master to quickly reformat all slides in a presentation.

Use Slide Headers and Footers 

  • Insert Headers or Footers on the Master Slide.
  • Work with Headers or Footers in individual Sides

Working with SmartArt and Pictures

  • Create professional looking diagrams using SmartArt and Pictures.

Importing Slides

  • Bring in slides from other presentations into your presentation.
  • Use Microsoft Word to “draft out” the wording and use this as a basis for a new presentation.

Using Advanced Animation Techniques

  • Insert slide transitions to add visual variety to your slide show.
  • Animate bullet points, shapes and SmartArt to add movement and interest to slides.

Using Video and Audio

  • Understand the different video and audio file types available in PowerPoint.
  • Use Video and Audio to enhance your presentations. 

Using Slide Sorter Sections 

  • Organise your slides by creating sections in Slide Sorter View. 

Slide Show Techniques

  • Use a PowerPoint Show file (.ppsx)
  • Control how the slides show runs so that you can pause and restart the slide show as required.
  • Rehearse timings so the slide show can run without your intervention.
  • Automate the slides show by using Hyperlinks

Using Custom Shows

  • Create custom shows so that a single presentation can shows different slides required.

Advanced Use of Notes and Handout Masters

  • Correctly set up the Notes Master.
  • Set up the Handouts Master.


  • Create your own designs to be used for future presentations.

Broadcast a Slide Show 

  • Broadcast the slide show to remote viewers who can watch in a Web browser. 

Create a Video of your Slide Show 

  • Create a video from your presentation that can be distributed by using a disc, the Web or email.



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