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This is the outline of our Microsoft Publisher course - Duration: 1 day

You need your publications to look more professional and have more visual impact so that you can sell your message more powerfully and communicate information more effectively. On this course you'll learn how easy it is to use Microsoft Publisher to create professional-looking brochures, flyers, advisements, business cards, booklets, and many more. By using hands on sessions, with data relevant to your work, this course will show you how you can produce any type of publication, both quicker and better.

To get the most out of this course you don’t need any previous experience of using Publisher but you should be reasonably confident in general computer use and want to learn how to create professional looking publications.

We specialise on on-site training and can come to you to run our course either on your PC's or provide our own high specification equipment. If you want specific training for your staff, we are happy to customise this course to your requirements, adding or removing topics as necessary.

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Microsoft Publisher course content

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The Publisher Environment

  • Accurately distinguish and use different parts of the Publisher screen.

Choosing Which Type of Publication

  • Correctly select the type of publication you want to create.

Working with Objects

  •  Insert an object (e.g.) a picture or shape
  • Select, move and resize an object.
  • Rotate and flip objects.
  • Accurately place objects on a publication

Using Ruler Guides

  • Use Ruler Guides to align objects accurately.

Using Layout Guides

  • Create margin space around the edge of publication.
  • Create a grid onto which to place objects accurately.

Working with Multiple Pages

  • Insert additional pages into your publication.
  • Work with facing pages by using the Two Page Spread.

Using Text Boxes

  • Type text elements into a text box and format text inside a text box.
  • Link Text Boxes so text flows through successive text boxes.

Word Wrapping

  • Control how words wrap around pictures and shapes.

Adjust Line Spacing

  • Control the exact amount of space between lines to improve readability of text elements.

Controlling Hyphenation

  • Prevent Publisher hyphening long words in text boxes.

Drawing Shapes and Lines

  • Insert shapes correctly to add visual impact.
  • Accurately place shapes on a publication.
  • Format shapes and lines to your own design.

Using Borders and Border Art

  • Apply plain and decorative borders to pages and boxes.

Using WordArt

  • Use Word Art to add a more artistic appearance to plain text.


  • A chance for you to design and create a publication of your choice.

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