Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) End-User Download Course Outline

Duration: 1/2 day

Microsoft Skype for Business is a powerfull “Universal Communications” client. With it users can broadcast their availability, send Instant Messages, make Voice and Video calls, share Presentations and Applications.  Used well, Skype for Business can make staff more efficient and improve communication both within your Organisation and the outside world.  However these tools are often quite new to users and the adoption and use of Skype for Business may be limited without timely Training. This course introduces end-users to Skype for Business and teaches them using the communication tools and facilities that now permeate through Microsoft Office.

This course is available as a half-day “face to face” session for groups of users, or two live online training sessions. It may be followed with a half-day floorwalking or ad-hoc  deskside training to support a rollout of Skype for Business within the organsiation.

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Microsoft Skype for Business End-User course content

Download a PDF course outline using the "Download Course Outline" link on the right.

Your availability (Presence)

  • Set your own and see others availability throughout Microsoft Office
  • How to change your Presence information
  • What your Presence status means


  • How to find the right person through Skype for Business
  • Build and manage your Contact list in Skype for Business
  • How to use Groups and Frequent Contacts
  • Get full information about a Contact

Instant Messaging

  • How to send and receive Instant Messages (IM)
  • How to participate in a group IM session
  • What happens if you don't respond to an IM
  • Where IM conversations are saved
  • When to use IM rather than Phone or Email

Voice Calls

  • Checking your Mic and Speakers
  • Making Voice calls with Skype for Business
  • Accepting and Declining calls
  • Locating and Calling users from Skype for Business and anywhere in Office
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Changing Call settings

Delegate Management

  • Forwarding calls to someone else
  • Mananging Calls and communications for someone else

Video Calls

  • Checking your WebCam settings
  • Making Video Calls
  • Changing Video Settings
  • One-to-One calls and Video Conferencing

Virtual Meetings

  • Scheduling and Creating Virtual Meetings
  • Running a Virtual Meeting
  • Connecting users outside the organisation to a Virtual Meeting.

Sharing Presentation and Applications

  • Sharing desktops and applications
  • Whiteboards Polls and other meeting tools
  • Controlling virtual meetings and webinars


  • Recording Calls and Virtual Meetings
  • Managing and sharing recordings

Advanced Skype for Business Usage*

  • Using Skype for Business with other devices
  • Mobile Skype for Business
  • Calling outside the organisation

    *When supported by the implementation

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