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This is the outline of our Microsoft Visio course - Duration: 1 day

You want to create professional-looking diagrams to enhance the information you give to your clients or colleagues. This course will give you the skills to use Visio to create any type of diagram far more effectively and powerfully than before.  

You will learn how to save time through the use of Visio stencils and shapes by simply dragging and dropping shapes onto a drawing page.  You will be shown how to use connectors and glue to quickly construct complex technical diagrams.  By using hands on sessions, with data relevant to your work, this course will show you how to produce diagrams for your work both quicker and better.

To get the most out of this course you don’t need any previous experience of using Visio but you should be reasonably confident in general computer use and want to design effective diagrams.

We specialise on on-site training and can come to you to run our course either on your PC's or provide our own high specification equipment. If you want specific training for your staff, we're happy to customise this course to your requirements, adding or removing topics as necessary.

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Microsoft Visio course content

Download a PDF course outline using the link on the right.

The Visio Environment

  • Create a new Visio drawing using the Blank temple.
  • Use Visio Stencils to add shapes to your drawing

Working with Shapes

  • Insert shapes correctly to construct your own diagram.
  • Quickly select multiple shapes and group shapes.
  • Quickly move, copy and delete shapes.
  • Work with 2-D and 1-D shapes.
  • Use handles, endpoints and vertices to customise shapes.
  • Format shapes with fills and lines.
  • Accurately place shapes on a drawing by aligning and distributing them.
  • Work with Visio Smart Shapes.

Working with Text

  •  Correctly add Titles to your drawings.
  • Correctly add text as labels for shapes.
  • Control text boxes within shapes.
  • Format text.
  • Rotate text elements independently of shapes.

Using Connectors and Glue

  • Add connecting lines to flow charts, organisation charts etc.
  • Use dynamic or static glue so you can move connected shapes
  • Control accurately where connectors glue to shapes

Printing and Page Properties

  • Add pages,  to a Visio drawing re-order and delete them.
  • Use background pages to place the same shapes on multiple pages
  • Create drawings on different size paper.
  • Add headers and footers to drawings.

Using Rulers, Grids, and Guides

  • Change the grid and ruler spacing.
  • Add guides and guide points to accurately line up shapes.

Working with Snap Settings

  • Change and control how shapes snap to the grid, ruler or guides.
  • Work  with the dynamic gird

Using Layers

  • Create layers in a single drawing on which certain shapes can sit.
  • Specify which shapes are on which layer.
  • Make layers visible.

Creating Custom Shapes and Stencils

  • Create your own shapes.
  • Create your own stencils that hold your own shapes

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