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This is the outline of our Microsoft Word Level 3 course - Duration: 1 day

In your work, you use Word for complex or long documents but you feel challenged trying to set your documents out correctly. This course will show you how to master the challenging aspects of working with long documents in Word. By using headers, footers and section breaks you’ll be able to control what prints on different pages. You’ll find out how instantaneously you can reformat entire documents by using Word Styles.  By completing structured exercises, using data relevant to your work, this course will increase your competence in using Word and so make you more efficient and productive in your work. This course also prepares you for moving on to the Microsoft Word Level 3 Course.

To get the most out of this course you'll have attended the Burningsuit Microsoft Word Level 2 Course. Or you have been using Word for some time and feel competent in basic Word skills as outlined on the Level 2 Course and you now want to learn how to create more complex document layouts

We specialise on on-site training and can come to you to run our course either on your PC's or provide our own high specification equipment. If you want specific training for your staff, we are happy to customise this course to your requirements, adding or removing topics as necessary.

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Microsoft Word - Level 3 course content

Download a PDF course outline using the "Download Course Outline" link on the right.

Review Word Level 2 Skills

  • Quickly and accurately select text and paragraphs.
  • Quickly and accurately format text and paragraphs.

Setting Out Tabs

  • Set up left, centre and right aligned tabs to accurately align text in columns.
  • Set up decimal tabs to accurately align numbers in columns. 

Using Building Blocks 

  • Set up a header or footer correctly in your document.
  • Insert page numbers into the header or footer space.
  • Create customised document elements eg, headers, page numbers and watermarks that can be automatically inserted. 

Use the Quick Part Gallery

  • Automatically insert standard blocks of text using Quick Parts.

Creating Cover Pages

  • Automatically insert standard cover pages.
  • Add your own customised cover page.


  • Create templates to re-use documents

Control Multilevel Numbering 

  • Accurately number sub-headings and sub-paragraphs. 

Using Section Breaks

  • Change headers or footers throughout the document.
  • Restart or continue page numbering throughout a long document.
  • Lay out all or parts of your document in landscape.

Using Word Styles

  • Correctly use Word Styles to dynamically format and reformat headings and paragraphs.
  • Correctly create a table of contents. 

Use the Navigation Pane 

  • Display the Navigation Pane to search for text and quickly move to headings throughout the document. 

Set up a MailMerge

  • Use Mailmerge to address the same letter to multiple recipients using names and addresses in an Excel spreadsheet

Track Changes

  • Show where you have made changes to a document by marking up changes.
  • Insert comments into a document.   

Drawing Shapes and Using Graphics  

  • Accurately draw and format shapes on a document.
  • Place accurately pictures in a document
  • Wrap text around shapes and pictures correctly.
  • Create a text box to type text outside the document’s text area.  

We also offer this course as Live Online Learning - follow this link to learn more.

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